Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency I will gather all the children and safely make our way to the front door, which provides easy access to the street. Once we are safely away from the house I will call the Emergency Services. In the event that we can't get safely out of the house I will take the children to the furthest away room from the emergency, close all doors and seal the door with towels or similar items, and I will then call the Emergency Services.

If we are unable to return to the house I have agreed with Beverley Marshall who is a registered childminder that we can go to her nearby house so I can contact all parents for them to collect their children.

I have 2 mains-powered smoke alarms fitted which are tested every week. I have a Fire Blanket fitted in the kitchen along with a Fire Extinguisher. I have carried out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment for my premises, a record of which is kept on file and is available for parents to check.

I have a fire escape route which will be kept clear at all times.

In order to keep the children and myself safe I have developed the following procedure to evacuate my home in the event of an emergency.

This may be as a result of a fire, flooding, gas leak etc.

The children will practice the evacuation procedure with me so they will not be alarmed in the event of the situation being real.