I appreciate that as a working parent you need to be able to go to work, however if your child is unwell then they will be bettered cared for in their own home with a parent. I would ask that parents do not bring their child to me if they are unwell. It would be unfair of me to look after a poorly child and expose other children and my own family to illness.

I am happy to care for children with minor coughs and colds.

If the child has had sickness and diarrhoea I would ask the parent to wait at least 48 hours after the last episode before returning the child to me for looking after.

If your child becomes ill during their time with me, I will make them as comfortable as possible and reassure them. I will contact the parent immediately asking them to collect the child as soon as possible and continue to care for your child until you arrive.

If a child is on any form of medication I am happy to administer this with the parent's written permission. I would ask that the medicine is given to me in its original package with the child's name on the bottle/pack. This will be returned to the parent on the child's collection every night.

I keep a first aid kit in my house and car at all times and if we are on an outing I would carry a small first aid kit with me. Both these kits will be replenished as required and checked on a regular basis.