Any information regarding your child or your family, given to me either verbally or in writing, will be treated as confidential.

All information will be kept in the child's individual folder. Parents are entitled to see this information at any time.

Parents will have access to their own child’s records but not to others. All documentation relating to your child is stored in a file, which is not accessible to any other party.

I will not discuss your child with others unless I have permission from you, for example to take your baby to be weighed by the Health Visitor. I will however divulge confidential information to Social Services if I have any concerns that your child is being abused.

You will also find out confidential information about my family and myself during the course of our working relationship and I would be grateful if you too would respect my family’s confidentiality and not repeat what you may have been told to other parties. No one likes to be gossiped about.

If you have any concerns regarding this policy please do not hesitate to contact me.