House Rules

I have certain house rules which children will be taught whilst in my home. These are the same rules that I would teach my own children, and are for everyone's safety and well being. These include children not being allowed to stand or climb on furniture and being taught to respect the toys in the house. I would also ask that children sit at the table during meal/snack times, as this promotes good table manners, eating skills and helps to teach good communication skills.

Foul language/spitting/biting/hitting/bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated in any way. If any of the above take place I would remove the child in question from the situation, sit down and discuss this with them (according to their age and level of understanding), and encourage them not to repeat the behaviour. I would also discuss this with the parent.

I would like to reassure parents I would never use any form of physical punishment. Every child in my care will be treated the same, every child will be valued and treated with the respect they are due.